Team and Employees

Technocrat entrepreneur Sarvesh K. Sunkara, B.Tech Mechanical Engineers with 25 years of manufacturing and process design experience leads the team as CEO, having worked with auto component OEM manufactures of valve train components such as camshafts, tappets, rockers, valve guides, flywheels.

Having worked in challenging departments as product development, process development, machine tool development had vast exposures to newer technology in manufacturing and machine tools.

Product Development

In house Engineering cell equipped with CAD and CAM software, with expertise to integrate process, from raw material development to finishing operations, establishing high manufacturing reliability, the process is monitored and measured using statistical methods. In house knowledge and expertise in manufacture of jigs, fixtures, and special purpose machines, shortens product development cycles. The combined experience of design desks and shop floor experience helps optimizes manufacturing efficiencies in terms of quality and cost, right at the beginning.



Our capabilities encompass □ Non-ferrous raw material development from extrusions, forgings & castings. □ Machining precision components using CNC and Conventional machines. □ Surface coating process for machined parts with Anodizing, Alodine coatings.



Experienced and trained engineers, skilled technicians and operators constitute the 25 members strong manufacturing team. Working in Cells, members are exposed to latest machines, tools, systems and procedure. Periodic training, skill evaluation and cross training has lead to effective lean manufacturing practices.

Manufacturing Executive : Heads Operations, Administration, Statutory compliance.
Sales Executive : RFQ response, Order Booking, Invoicing, Receivables a/c.
Accounts Executive : Accounting, Payables a/c.
PPC Engineer : Planning, Procurement, Out-sourcing, Stores.
NPD Engineer : Cad, Cam, Process Engineering, Product Development.
QCM Engineer : QMS, Quality Control, Analysis, Customer complaints.
MFG Engineer : Manufacturing execution.
Maintenance Engineer : Machine Building & Maintenance.
Functional heads are supported by 20 trained members comprising
machine operators, quality inspectors, assistants.