We contract manufacture customer specific parts - Enclosures, Housings, Filter Body, Switch Body, Brackets, Panels, Heatsinks


To support development and supply, prototype to production runs.

  • Raw Material

    Extrusions & Rolled sections in Brass, Aluminum, Copper.

  • Machining

    CNC 4 & 5 Axes Machining, Drilling, Tapping, De-burring, Vibro polishing, Abrasive grinding. Sheet metal processing, profile machining, bending, riveting inserts.

  • Surface Treatments

    Conversion coatings, Powder Coat Painting, Bead Blasting, Hair Brush finish.

  • Surface Coatings

    Gold, Silver, Tri-metal, Nickel, Anodizing

  • Surface Marking

    Silk Screen Printing, Laser Marking, Adhesive Marking.

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